AZULIK Cuisine

Hidden Jungle Restaurant

A state-of-the-art kitchen around the Mexican haute cuisine executive chef Rogelio Gorozpe Lomán and the pastry chef Santiago Conde Valdivia in a jungle-dining area with a capacity for 35 people only, provide the exclusive opportunity for a bespoke gastronomic experience.  

AZULIK Cuisine is located in a property of 10 hectares in the middle of the jungle, only 30 minutes away from the iconic town of Tulum, in the Yucatán Peninsula.

It blends in with the environment of AZULIK Uh May, City of arts, while it understands, respects and honors the natural habitat that hosts it.

Regular opening hours

5:30 pm to 10:00 pm

AZULIK Uh May Gastronomic Experience

Explore this city of arts and enjoy an evening of culture and gastronomy like no other. Whether you're staying at AZULIK or elsewhere in Tulum, live an experience that includes round transportation, a tour of SFER IK Uh May, and a four-course meal at AZULIK Cuisine.

Available once a day during our opening hours, this journey will show you the secrets of a mystical place in a night full of art and flavor.