Hidden Jungle Residence
with private access to Contemporary Art Gallery



AZULIK Residence is a habitable sculpture of 990 m2 conceived by Roth, founder and architect of AZULIK, located in a property of 10 hectares in the middle of the jungle, only 30 minutes away from the iconic town of Tulum, in the Yucatán Peninsula.

The house harmoniously blends in with the environment of AZULIK Uh May, city of the arts, while it understands, respects and honors the natural habitat that hosts it. With no straight lines or sharp angles, respectful of the organic shapes of the ground over which it was built, there is real purpose in its design: to force us to be present, paying attention and observing our every step.



The Residence

Live a private and exclusive retreat in communion with nature.

Meticulously conceived with extraordinary and whimsical design, thorough attention to detail, and exceptional amenities for entertainment, this property redefines life in the jungle, promoting a non-invasive dialogue between architecture and its natural surroundings.


Master Suite*

  • King-size round bed
  • Secret room with hot tub
  • Bathroom with tub and shower
  • Reading area

Double Suite*

  • Two king-size round beds
  • Bathroom with tub and shower
  • Exterior shower
  • Living room

Common Areas*

  • Art and reading room
  • Music room with baby grand piano
  • Distension nets
  • Interior and exterior sound system

Dining Area

  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Ground-level wine cellar
  • Rooftop with nest-like sitting area
*All areas are equipped with A/C, WIFI and dehumidifiers
Live a private exclusive retreat
in communion with nature


Your personal chef and gastronomical lab.

During your stay in AZULIK Residence, you will experience the gastronomic diversity of this culturally rich area of Mexico. All the menus, created by your own haute cuisine and pastry chefs, as well as the wine pairings, can be completely personalized to accommodate special dietary needs, such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or kosher.

Our kitchen functions as a laboratory for gastronomic innovation. Here we experiment to push the boundaries of cuisine with fresh ingredients and cutting-edge techniques.

Visitors of AZULIK Residence also receive a preferential reservation in any of the tables or nests of our restaurants, Kin Toh and Tseen Ja, at AZULIK Tulum.


Experience the millenary power of ancestral healing.

Through our Maya Spa, you can access a range of special treatments such as acupuncture, pranic healing, sound healing, and millenary rituals like temazcal and cacao ceremonies.
You can also get massages and treatments modeled in rituals that work with the energy of the elements in order to align you with the rhythms of nature.


An exclusive adventure in the Mayan world awaits.

AZULIK Residence gives its guests access to select locations and activities in the Riviera Maya. Any adventure you can dream of may be arranged by the team of Mystical Wanders. Our exploration itineraries may include swimming with dolphins, turtles and manatees in Sian Ka’an, meditating as you contemplate the sunset over the jungle, sailing on a catamaran, cave diving or visiting private cenotes.
These places and activities have been carefully chosen in the Yucatán Peninsula to put our guests in touch with the natural richness of the Caribbean, the Mayan culture, its wild surroundings and the way of life of its people.


Inspiration for human evolution.

AZULIK Residence offers private access to the art gallery of IK LAB Uh May, as well as personalized access to the gallery of IK LAB Tulum.

Through its environmentally conscious design, its network of artists and residences program, IK LAB aspires to become the framework for the world’s most creative minds to interact with the visionary architecture of its galleries, which capture the quintessence of nature and the spiritual heritage of the Yucatán Peninsula while they project a new vision of future as inspiration and model for contemporary communities.


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Services included with AZULIK Residence


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