"We are building a city of arts inclusive of everyone."



This unique integration of ancestral knowledge, technological innovation, applied sustainability, practiced spirituality and collective experiences will culminate in new ways of learning, creating and healing, thus propelling human evolution.

Designed as a trans-disciplinary site for research, transformation and creation, the first phase of the project encompasses a mesmerizing art gallery connected with cutting edge artist residencies.  A fashion and design lab as well as state of the art recording studio complete this living complex of avant-garde creation.

The adjacent school for Mayan communities is composed of carefully conceived art studios and craft workshops combining local techniques with state of the art facilities. 
Medical facilities integrating Western medicine and ancient Mayan healing techniques as well as an R&D kitchen and restaurant round off the multidimensional experience. 


The project completion includes the creation and construction of:

  • A Interdisciplinary Creative Sphere (inaugurated by the end of November 2018)

  • Artist residencies

  • An art museum, composed of pavilions housing site specific installations

  • A house for events, parties and think tanks

  • A design workshop

  • A fashion workshop

  • An architectural complex for project development

  • A world-class recording studio

  • A house of ancestral medicine dedicated to shamanic healing

  • Three hotels: A spa hotel, a wellness hotel and a detox hotel

  • 8 hectares dedicated to integrative medicine, adding the latest discoveries and implementing work with the relationship of telomerase and gamma rays

  • A project to build satellites utilizing local workforce

Plus, the conditions exist for there to be a collaboration with the greatest minds of Silicon Valley (with whom we are already working) in the development of several projects in the area for the application of new technologies to current problems of native communities.