SFER IK in Francisco Uh May

5TH SEPTEMBER, 2019 - 31 JANUARY, 2020

ALLIGA, an exhibition featuring three unique artworks that respond to the environmentally urgent issue of exponential seaweed growth, will open at SFER IK in Francisco Uh May on September 5, 2019 and be on view through January 31, 2020.


Paris-based Argentinian artist Cecilia Bengolea’s seaweed-shaped sculptures intermingled with bats, keepers of the ecosystem, transform the exhibition space into an immersive aquatic sphere that asks viewers to consider and tend to its equilibrium and continuance. A specifically commissioned dance performance will mimic the tides and shifts of the ocean and its flora, ultimately inviting the audience to embrace the movement as a distinct, cognitive approach.

Japanese artist Aki Inomata will present her acclaimed video piece Think Evolution #1 Kiku-ishi (Ammonite), 2016–2017, currently on view at the Triennale di Milano, Broken Nature: Design Takes on Human Survival. The piece features a hermit crab inhabiting a 3D-printed shell form, operating as a metaphor for a possible symbiotic relationship between man and nature.

Norwegian artist Sissel Tolaas will complete this immersive experience with an olfactory installation containing smell molecules extracted from local seaweed through a sophisticated process in her studio in Berlin. The artist seeks to open a different channel of perception through a sense that is rarely activated in contemporary art.

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