30TH NOV - 18TH AUG 2019

After the exploration of invisible spatial coordinates as a gateway into the metaphysical realm in Alignments, followed by a shift to the emanation of earthly creations in Configurations, SFER IK’s third exhibition, Conjunctions, reveals the interrelatedness of human pathways while marking the inauguration of a second exhibition space: a 16-meter-high concrete and bejuco dome with a cupola crowned by the Flower of Life. The exhibition features works by Brazilian artists Oskar Metsavaht, Paulo Nazareth and Ernesto Neto which highlight the crossroads of the human journey.

Oskar Metsavaht

Oskar Metsavaht's immersive video projection Interfaces II - Man//Cosmos//Forest retraces his inner journey during a ceremony with the Ashaninka tribe. An intricate choreography of geometrical signs is superimposed onto footage from the Amazon rainforest, operating as a passageway between perception and vision. Witnesses of the fundamental union of man and nature, the viewers are invited to reconnect with their innermost selves.

Ernesto Neto

Ernesto Neto's oeuvre explores the elemental structures of the natural and social realms, creating an immersive experience prone to redefining the boundaries between the viewer and the work, the individual and the community, as well as the material and immaterial spheres. Reaching 7 meters high, Every Tree is a Civilizing Entity embraces the visitor in an intricate canopy of delicately woven cotton crochet, reaching into the crowns of the trees that dwell inside the exhibition space. On the other side of the dome, the cathedral-like structure of Healing House offers a space for recollection and meditation. The drop shaped sculptures Pray Light and Leaves Life redefine the spaces from which they emanate, whereas Life Blows Life, an ever growing cellular network, is reminiscent of an invisible thread sustaining and guiding the meanders of human existence.

Paulo Nazareth

Paulo Nazareth's oeuvre unfolds into an intricate network of manifold connections. In Conjunctions he explores the link between humans and the elements - earth, water and sky. The performances documented through video and photography stage him as forming part of nature and a foreign body at once, illustrating his quest to reinvest the human presence with a fundamental significance. The interactive installation Sem Titulo: [Rede de Pescador Gente], consisting of three colorful hammocks under a canopy of salt bags, places the viewer beneath an imaginary sea, thus reversing our viewpoint while at the same time pointing to the cycle of life through the continuous movement of water from sea to sky.

Claudia Paetzold, Artistic Director and Curator.

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